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Product Overview
Oil extra virgin olive oil obtained from the fruit of the olive (Olea europaea L.) by mechanical means in accordance with the specifications of the product EEC Regulation 2568/91 e s.m.i.

Origin of raw material
Italy (Campania, Puglia, Calabria)

Organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the finished product
Green color with golden reflections, extra virgin olive oil has a fruity olive oil of medium intensity, with notes of fruit and bitter almond. The taste is harmonious and pleasant, with average intensity of sensations of bitter and spicy.

Microbiological analysis
Absent anything considered the possibility of microbial growth (microbes do not develop in the oil, as the oil is composed 100% of oil).

Method of collection
A mano, facilitators and mechanized.


Keep the package tightly closed, in a cool environment, away from heat sources and protected from light.

Physico-chemical parameters and organoleptic
The quality parameters and organoleptic characteristics are reported and guaranteed at the time of packaging, In fact, being dynamic values ​​are subject to change during transport and / or storage.

Packing plant
Packaged in factory Frantoio Romano || via Staglio, Bridge (BN)


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