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Extra Lucca awarded the highest recognition, Crown, a 31 excellent products: 9 Crowns are going to Tuscany followed by Campania, Puglia, Sicily, Trentino, Umbria and Veneto, all on a par with 2 Crowns

Extra Lucca, the event dedicated Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, awarded the best products giving 31 Corone in totale. Fra le 17 Regions awarded, the “Maestrod'olio” Fausto Borella assigned 9 Crowns Tuscany, followed jointly with 2 Crowns, Campania, Puglia, Sicily, Trentino, Umbria and Veneto.
Tuscany receives 9 Crowns: Court of Crugliano Farm Source Veneziana, Guadagnolo Dulcis Farm Ramerino, Balatreto Monocultivar moraiolo of Olivart, Pendolino Monocultivar pitted extra virgin olive oil of Fèlsina, Extra Virgin Grifo Azienda Agricola Belvedere, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Col d'Orcia, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Maurizio Menichetti Azienda Agricola Maurizio Menichetti, Fubbiano Dop Lucca Farm Fubbiano, Selection of Camporomano Casavyc.

Tieing the two Crowns follow Campania, Puglia, Sicily, Trentino, Umbria and Veneto. Here are the award-winning oils: In Campania Pietrabianca Nuovolio 2013 di Pietrabianca e l’Ortice Riserva di Frantoio Romano; Puglia in the Post Locone Brothers Ferrara and Monocultivar Carolea Bio Perfume Castro; Sicily extra virgin olive pitted Biancolilla DOP Val di Mazara Planeta and Mandranova monocultivar Nocellara of the farm Mandranova; in the Trentino Garda Trentino DOP Olive Oil Mill Riva del Garda and the Origins of Oil Consortium Cru; Emotions are distinguished in Umbria farm Tenths and Bio Cerquepapa Villa della Genga-Le Terre di Poreta; Veneto Crowns go to Monte Guala Intense farm San Cassiano Ca Rainene Monovarietal Drizzar DOP Garda East of the farm Paul Bonomelli Ca Rainene.

The stands in Abruzzo extra virgin olive oil farm Thomas Masciantonio, Basilicata Cenzino the farm Vincenzo Marvulli. He holds up the name of Calabria on Messina Nocellara agrarian society Doria, Emilia the Brisighella dop Cab, Agricultural cooperative Brisighella and Lazio Ages DOP Tuscia of Agricultural Cooperative Hills Etruscans.

In Liguria stands out the extra virgin olive oil Coarse Pria only the pulp of a single variety in purity of Dovecote Farm Domenico Ruffino, in Lombardy Casaliva farm Comincioli. In the Marche de Fra Bernardo The Convent of Monteciccardo, Molise in the farm with Marina Column Selection monovarietale Peranzana while in Sardinia Brothers Fin with extra virgin olive oil stoned Bosana. The evaluation boards of the "31 crowns" are published in Terred'Olio 2014 together with the other 164 Labels 121 producers.

The recognition Veronelli was assigned to Our Lady of the Olive, Greenhouses in Campania, This is the motivation of Fausto Borella: "For fifteen years, the owner Antonino Mennella by its varieties of olives getting amazing results every time, by ensuring that each processing step follows quell'iter that allows the oil to give each year its organoleptic qualities of the highest quality ".

Virgin Olive has seven acres where he grows 2.050 olives. In the guide book Terred'Olio 2014 by Fausto Borella shows the tabs tasting of three labels: RaRo (Ravece 50%, Rotondella 50%), Rotondella Monocultivar Denocciolato (Rotondella 100%) and Picholine and Pisciottana (Pisciottana 80% – Picholine 20%).

The recognition Sauro Brunicardi went to Ristorante Lorenzo in Forte de’ Marbles; so says Borella: "Lorenzo since the beginning of its activity has been careful to use the best extra virgin olive oils not only for personal passion but because he was convinced that it would befit the fresh catch of the oils with particular finesse".

The award ceremony of the Crowns 2014 was held last Saturday 15 February, presso l’auditorium di San Francesco di Lucca, together with the presentation of the guide book Terred'Olio 2014, publisher Cinquesensi, allocation of recognition and acknowledgment Veronelli Sauro Brunicardi.