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In the area of Colline Beneventane, which comprises 52 common, is the Frantoio Family Romano which is present in the area of ​​the municipality of Ponte from the second half of the nineteenth century. At that time, electricity was not there yet and the grinding wheel stone was operated animal traction, and the oil was obtained with screw press wood.
Alberto Romano belongs to the fourth generation and it is stated in the oil sector thanks to the passion and commitment that for more than a century has been handed down from father to son. The Frantoio di Alberto Romano, refining the art of cultivation and production of extra virgin olive oil, got a high quality product and definitely one of the best Samnite territory.
The pride of the Frantoio Romano is the variety ORTICE. These examples characterize the Frantoio olive groves with passion and professionalism that takes care of not only the production but also the balance with the environment, contributing significantly to the protection of land.
Since 2004 the company completes its identity with the purchase and installation of a modern continuous cycle of new technology group Pieralisi, leading company in the field of machines for the production of oil.
In Roman mill, are carefully selected and then processed, healthy olives and to the right degree of ripeness giving origin extra virgin olive oil: monovarietale ORTICE and ORTICE RISERVA, flagship with its prized organoleptic qualities, extra virgin olive oil ROMANO (blend) e extravergine GOLD (blend) oils contain other varieties typical of the area, such as mill, leccino and other.
Extra virgin olive oil made from it is a nectar unique taste that you experience bitter and spicy and the right intensity, aroma is spacious and elegant with notes of fresh tomato and vegetable strong hints and physico-chemical parameters optimal.
But above all, what makes extra virgin olive oil Roman even more special, it is the love and passion of the Romano family who for years have cared for this noble nectar.
All oils are part of the traceability, but above all they have the label "High Quality "I.O.O.%, that ensure and guarantee the quality and integrity of the product.