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Are Alberto Romano, Italian businessman in the oil sector.
The company of which they are the holder obtains its raw materials from Nature, namely olives, from which you can get the quality product they are proud to have won important awards, including international. Obviously I am referring to extra virgin olive oil produced in Italy by me; and precisely the Bridge, a small town in the province of Benevento in Campania, where he established the Oil-mill Alberto Romano. I take this opportunity to highlight that the quality of my company was officially recognized in reference to the standard of farming, certificate of the Mediterranean Institute.

These results were as relevant as possible thanks to a perfect synergy between natural resource, the territorial history, family history and heart-company. The natural resource is the quality of the fruit, in particular of the variety Ortice: is a plant with a characteristic erect posture, whose olives are used exclusively for the production of an excellent extra virgin olive oil. The story of our country, and it is as old as the noble: olive cultivation dates back to the time of the Greeks and Phoenicians, who spread the use of oil not only as a food, but also as a component of ointments and perfumes. Subsequently, The Romans extended olive cultivation throughout the region and, in large measure, in the province of Benevento. “Iuvat Olea magnum vestire Taburnum " ("It should be coated with olive groves overlooking the great Taburno our province"), supported Virgil in the Georgics; e Oliva, already present in our area in the sixth century B.C., spread rapidly in all areas of olive growing, as is amply demonstrated by the numerous museum exhibits.

But now, after these natural hints of peculiarities and local history, I think it's time to move on to some news regarding my family history, which is in unison with that company. In fact, the crusher Romano Family This is a bridge from the second half of the nineteenth century. At that time, electricity was not there yet and the grinding wheel with the stone was operated animal traction; therefore the oil was obtained with a screw press wood. We are now in the fourth generation, and so we are fully equipped with the so-called "know-how" for our industry. The pride of the Roman Frantoio is precisely the variety Ortice, inserted into the production cycle is characterized by a modern facility in a continuous cycle of new technology group Pieralisi, company leader in the assembly of machines for the production of oil. Also, select with care the best olives and the right degree of ripeness and then carry out the work, giving rise to our extra virgin olive oil: monovarietale Ortice, from the valuable organoleptic qualities, ed olio extravergine Blend, where are enclosed oils of other varieties typical of the area, such as mill, leccino and other. I conclude by talking about the heart ... Yes you read right: my heart, my immense passion, my deep love for my business, allowing extra virgin olive oil of the Oil-mill Alberto Romano to have that special something that goes beyond the mere basic skills although, to delight the palates of all of you in a unique and unforgettable!!!

L’umiltà, the richest of the virtues, and the most easy to forget

Alberto Romano